I was Born DEAD….

I was born DEAD……

Hi everyone….. it’s an article surrounding the events that took place when i came into existence.

I have just completed reading the book – The alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. this book  has two very important points to take home . First that,” whenever you want anything with all your heart then whole of the world conspires to get you that thing.” And second that the world has a SOUL of its own ….and everything is related and connected to each other as they are created by the same hands….the hands of the Omnipresent, GOD. Well I don’t know much about the first one as I am yet to achieve much and I haven’t desired anything so badly that the whole universe has to conspire……but I am pretty much sure about the second one….the SOUL of the world. After what my parents told and what I read from the book (It doesn’t matter whether the work is fictious or not), I can combine both of them and conclude that there is something which governs everything and controls anything whether it be living or dead. Sometimes we call it ‘intution’ or ‘sixth sense’ but still I believe that there is something which makes sure that a thing should be done in a particular manner and makes sure that everything goes according to HIS(GOD’s) plan. In India we often say that, think and speak as once in the whole day goddess Saraswati sits on your tongue and whatever you speak at that time will turn true and most of the people reading this will agree with me that this has happened with them at some point of time in their life…..that whatever they have spoken… has turned real. So what is that which controls and administers all this……its that very SOUL of the WORLD……which listens to everyone’s and everything’s needs and plans or guides accordingly to reach there. At least I believe that the soul of the world heard my mom’s prayer, when she prayed that God to give her son back…….and so he did.

Soul of the world takes everything in its control and does what should be done in the very first place. I have a true story to narrate to you all, Coincidently that story is about my birth.

I was born DEAD and its true…..i know that most of you wont believe me but its true…… you can go ahead and confirm with my mom. I know that none of us remembers in what state he is born and I am writing this on account of what is told to me by my parents.

It was Thursday, 12th day of September 1985, at around 1:10 pm that I came into this world. But as we all know that it is very important for a child to cry as soon as he comes into this world, I did not cry. My father was in army then and hence I was slated to be born in an ARMY hospital in JHANSI (due to my father’s posting). My mom summoned my father as she was panicking that I was still not crying. Papa called the nurse to have a look but unfortunately it was the lunch hour and there were not many people around from the hospital staff (and I guess since it was the lunch hour that’s the reason for me to have such a liking for food). Finally a nurse came, after taking a look she noticed that something was very different and abnormal. She immediately pressed a button and an emergency alarm was raised. Within no time doctors came, amazed at the ringing of alarm in spite of any serious case in the hospital. actually, the day before I was born, mummy suffered tremendous pain and Papa took her to the doctor. He said that it was normal to undergo such kind of pain and told that the delivery will take place around 30th September. But the next morning mummy again felt the same pain and she asked papa to take her to hospital. Papa abided and she was admitted in the hospital.

Hearing the alarm the child specialist and the heart specialist both came running to the room where mummy was admitted. The nurse immediately took me in her hands and guided the doctors to some other room. The doctors informed papa that I was not breathing. My mom was still not aware of what was going around with the biggest event (of course giving birth to me) of her life. The nurse informed the doctors that since birth, neither have I made any movement nor cried. After some discussion and check up, one of the doctors suddenly slapped the nurse.

Papa and many of his friends from army who were present there feared the worst. They all began to pray, even though they believed in different Gods, the reason and the prayers were still the same.  And then finally the doctors apologetically disclosed to Papa that I was born DEAD. The doctors tried every possible thing in their hands to bring me back to life…they rubbed my back, they rubbed my feet, one of them even made me upside down…as if I was a machine which had suddenly gone wrong and we Indians know that a hit or two here and there will make the machinery work again. Papa then went to mummy and told her everything.

My mom was very dismayed and shocked both at the same time…..that how can this happen to her. How can she give birth to a dead boy (by that time it was confirmed that the dead child was a boy). Everyone was in disbelief. Papa and Mummy couldn’t understand what should they do from here……whether they should cry or catch hold of the doctor or simply leave everything as if fate had already decided that this was their and their dead son’s destiny.

My mom later told me that since class 6th she kept fasts on Thursdays. She said that she simply prayed to the God,”Brahaspati devta”, the god whom we worship on Thursdays (for whom she fasted), that all these years of worship, devotion and dedication towards him has resulted in a dead boy…….and she was all against the God’s decision and was not ready to accept a dead child…..she was ready to fight with the mightiest of them all, The Almighty himself. And that is where I feel that the world really has a soul and everything is related and listens to each other as they are made from the same hands …. Whether it be sand, whether it be humans or whether it be water……everything and anything is made by the same hands no matter in whatever shape they are or whether they are living or dead. It’s just that you need to believe that it’s there and it will help you for sure.

My beloved once told me that whatever happens …..if one day you have to choose between your mom and me….always go for your mom…because she is the one who has kept you alive in her womb for nine continuous months, suffering all the pain that a normal human being can’t bear but what a MOTHER can. And I guess this is what makes the bonding of mother and her child very special…..still to this day I can never imagine what my mom would have felt after she came to know that her child was born dead. I guess this is what makes a mother fight even with the GOD……..it doesn’t matter whether it’s a human or animal…..a mother is a mother and there is nothing more supreme in this world.

The doctors tried every trick in the world of medicine to bring me back to life……and one of them did really work as I am still alive and I am the one who is writing this article. Later it was diagnosed that my right lung was collapsed i.e. the walls of the lung were attached to each other. The doctor informed my father that even if they have successfully saved me it will be very hard for him to keep me going as I’ll face many problems because of this defective birth throughout my life……they said that I’ll be weak and constantly suffer from one or the other illness…..but my Father took it as a challenge and if anyone of you has seen me…….then you should be really proud of my father and mother what have they successfully made out of me……. which would have been otherwise a DEAD BODY.

For all those who have kept me alive,

For all those who have slept without food to keep me alive,

For all those who have made me what I am,

For all those who have seen me smile,

For all those who have seen me cry,

For all those who want me to stay alive,


It’s not a goodbye

But it’s a good bye

12 thoughts on “I was Born DEAD….

  1. hmmmmmmmm…. i am expecting the real self of u to write something about the world and the society next…this one was a good work bydway… u can be better u know dat…


  2. It was Thursday, 12th day of September 1985, at around 1:10 pm…

    the article shud have started from here.. my suggestion to u is to start ur articles somewhere from the middle of the story (1st para, ppl thinking what the hell is written; amazed and confused.. gihehahaha) -> goto “past” -> and then end the way as it is done by u here…

    Cheerio – its a good comeback – gimme better in ur next !!!


  3. nice post, n i agree there is some power who is running this world.
    i m proud of u how u came through all this.and good writing.


  4. Very well written…never came to know this fact…about anybody..HATS OFF TO YOUR PARENTS 🙂 and yes…there is a SOUL….I agree…u have expressed your feelings in the best possible way..


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