LOVE – The UNSEEN Blood….

During my life’s voyage I have an epiphany about the subjectivity of love. The way its perspective changes depending on the observer and the angle it is being witnessed from. To some it is “the BESTEST OF FRIENDSHIP”, one individual who can unbelievably multiply your delight and diminish your grieves. To others it is a state of mind, a state in which everything about your love seems impeccable, be it good or bad and in fact to a few it is just a matter of loyalty. However we do have some agnostics in this case too, about whom I feel they are yet to experience the tenderness and passion of Love.

To me, Love cannot be constricted into dimensions and boundaries of words, because it varies depending on the preceptor or the character who is involved in the realization. Love can only be felt, it can only be experienced. While writing this I just realized Love is like GOD….we can not see God but we sure believe in his Presence….in his existence (excluding those atheists). If you believe in God you are most definitely going to believe in LOVE.

Some of my friends even go to the extent of saying that Love is the most stupid thing that’s there in this world. It’s like a waste of time, money, energy and above all Emotions for them, but I don’t agree. Love makes you believe that there is someone very special out there for you and in the same way you are that ‘Someone Special’ for them, hard to believe but its true……we are always preoccupied with the thought that we are going to find that someone special, We have to work very hard to get that person but we just forget the simple fact that the other person might also be trying that hard for us and you might infact be that someone special for him/her. Just make yourself special and you will find the right person. Be happy the way you are and accept the fact that you are special.

The phone rings….her name flashes on the phone…and you find a smile on your face….a tingling feeling inside you…..this is Love. You log onto to chat and find him already there in the list….and you become happy as if you have won 1000$ in a lottery…..this is Love. You lose a hard fought match….sitting there dejected, depressed, de-motivated cursing yourself what you should have done right …..she comes…sits next to you….holds your hand in her’s….looks into your eyes and says,” koi na shonu, you’ll do better next time…..i am sure”….and you simply forget the loss….and you once again get motivated to conquer the world only with her by your side…..and that very instant you realize you are a winner… that my friend is Love. Standing outside her hostel….she turns around….starts walking towards her hostel….and you start missing her….knowing that the next morning …7 o’clock…you’ll be right again with her…..this is Love.

Forget about kissing her…..just walking next to her….in her fragrance becomes the best of the best feelings, you are just happy and satisfied that the most beautiful person according to you is right next to you…..this is Love. She removes all her clothes….one by one….right in front of you….slowly n slowly walks towards you…..and you find taking your EYES off her EYES the most difficult thing in the world….THIS IS LOVE. I still remember….my name being announced after clearing the written round for Infosys….she came running to me……tears in her eyes….hugged me infront of everyone…..there could have been, no interview, no job… feeling greater in this world than that. The Happiness…smile …..tears….all at the same time made me realize HER LOVE FOR ME ….that sight is more than enough to give me strength and courage to fight anything and anyone….. and I’ll take that FEEL to my grave.

Love is that UNSEEN BLOOD that flows through our veins which makes us believe that GOOD can happen to us also……the only time we develop faith in HIM is  the time when we are actually in Love. Love is not about loving a beautiful person…’s all about Loving a SOUL…..and it makes the person beautiful. You begin to love the warmth of her breathe…..her fragrance…..her sight….her eyes….everything about your Love. Love has no form, shape or size…..Love can’t be taught….Love can’t be learned……Love can’t be defined….Love can only be felt….Love can only be experienced…..Love can only be LOVED.

So please people go out there and be in love, Love a person….a soul if you are not already in love…..because there’s nothing AMAZING and GREATER than LOVE in this world.

For all those who have experienced love,

For all those who are yet to experience it,

For all those who have felt that amazing feeling,

For all those who believe in Love,


For all those who don’t believe in Love….

It’s not a GOODBYE

But it’s a GOOD BYE………aur han JUST BE IN LOVE.


15 thoughts on “LOVE – The UNSEEN BLOOD…

  1. a perfectly blended one…………….
    bhaiya this one’s a rocko frm ur side……….
    the best thing is its utter impartiality…………people f al d categories will find it actually interacting wid them……..


  2. Sad there is not a SUPER LIKE button….
    It’s written beautifully and almost everything you said is true….
    Felt everything you wrote in this one…. Sort of connect to this one….
    And I agree that LOVE can only be LOVED…. and LIVED….


  3. well said and well described…Love is like…. i think you have written enough.. i will jus b an elaboration….
    all in all very good work…


  4. awsome…. u have jotted down each and everything so perfectly….. its lovely….. specially the eg. u tried to give of love… they were really true.. those things really happen in a true love… keep writing… 🙂


  5. Love kuch nahi hota hai…Its just a sudden rush of emotions…a euphoric feeling which when subsides you learn what life is and world is all about…Its just an over hyped term..


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