The ‘GHARHI’ INCIDENT – Incomplete Friendship Part -2

The Gharhi Incident – Incomplete Friendship Part-2

City Montessori school was a place where you could find , if not all, most of the beautiful gals in Lucknow, One reason why I was always thankful to my parents for sending me to the Temple of Knowledge, for there were numerous Deity’s to whom I wanted to bow down. Well actually what I wanted was more, coz they seemed really hot to me then and somehow these girls have managed to become hotter now. Well any ways the point was there was too much of challenge for one to have kept sane. The already struggling minds of adolescent were thrown more obstacles everyday.

The hero of our story is a guy with geeky looks, low confidence, hesitant and reserved. The type who thought they were smart and intelligent but the truth was known to the world in a better way. However he was considered genuine and decent, unlike me, by all. Let’s give him a name, Mr. Decent….actually this name was given to him by our physics teacher, Leena Ma’am.

Mr. Decent then was a student of CMS. So unable to cope up with the daily conflict, our hero reconciled, by our support, that he was in Love with one of the most powerful and admired deity of our class, Ms. BPL….can’t mention the real name (on special request by her)…frankly speaking after I coined this name many of the admirers never came to know her real name…and this became the household name for us all. The name itself has a story to it. One day she suffered from ‘Low Blood Pressure’ and hence the name BPL was coined (akhir kuch to code word rakhna tha….nahi to bahut mar padti 😉 ).

Ms. BPL…..ohhhh ab kya bataein inke bare me…..her hair were ‘boy cut’ then….or a ‘wedge cut’ as she pointed out to me this morning, it were golden brown. Well to be very honest its today that I find myself comfortable conversing with her but back in those days I found orating in front of 500 people easier. She was beautiful but it was her smartness that blew people’s minds often. But for Mr. Decent it was always like she stood with a HALO as if an angel from Indra’s kitty. Her skin was flawless, Silvery with every mole in the right place. I’m sure every time He saw her, his heart sang…. ‘chandi jaisa rang hai tera sone jaise bal…’. She was always drenched in excessive attitude which was flaunted by her killer looks….which made some of us grumble….,  “apne ap ko Ms.India samjhati hai kya???” Her smartly fitting shirt….knee length skirt and the list goes on n on…

And the fate unfolds.

CMS made it compulsory for everyone to take part in extra co-curricular and we were always game for it. It was one such event at the Sahara City and we (Mr. Decent, Ms. BPL and of course ME etc etc) were part of the ‘Bhartiyam team’. Mr. Decent approached me and expressed his desire to speak to her. Me being the expert in the subject instantly agreed to help. I told him to wait for my signal.

After one of the practice sessions I asked Mr. Decent to hand over his watch to me and go to Ms. BPL to ask for time and this way he can crack a conversation (ab saala us samay yahi sab ideas aate the… 😀 ). His desperation got the better of him. He immediately snatched his watch off his wrist and handed to me. I waited for her to be alone and as soon as she was…..i gave the Thumbs Up to Decency. He like an obedient follower obeyed my instructions….step by step, brimming with confidence…or I should say Overconfidence, he moved towards her. One final glance he gave to me and this time I had my both Thumbs UP.

Mr. Decent (mesmerized): Hi…eeeeee….excuse me…..

Ms. BPL (attitude overflowing): han …. Kya hai???

Mr. Decent (taken aback by her cruel affection): mmmmmm…wwwww…what’s the time???

Ms. BPL (thinking): Tumhara to acha nahi lag raha…

TABHI…..hum prakat hote hai (I appear)

Me (with a smirk): abe Decency tum apni gharhi mujhe deke kyu aaye ho mere bhai…

Me (looking towards Ms. BPL): kahi ye tumse time poochne to nahi aaya????

Mr. Decent’s face became pale…..yellow…..n then what all happened can’t be mentioned here…..

But on a serious note his crush, infatuation, genuine liking or LOVE (I don’t know what it was) grew over the years for her….and I guess still carries with him. Hope she understands it one day. I can today just say, “I am sorry bro”.

For all those who were my classmates,

For all those who were schoolmates,

For all those who gave nicknames to girls,

For all those whose crushes were crushed,

For all those who had a AH friend like me,


For all those who still carry there childhood love….

It’s not a GOODBYE,

But it’s a GOOD BYE…..aur han HAPPY BIRTHDAY (10th june) Mr. DECENT.

Manas ‘SAMEER’ Mukul.

10 thoughts on “The ‘GHARHI’ INCIDENT – Incomplete Friendship Part -2

  1. fyi she has one more nickname ‘Netherland’…so we started calling shy guy as Mr Netherland. Also he is good at cycling …bahut chakkar maare hai usne uske 😉


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