SOMEBODY that I USED to know…

Somebody That I used to know…

Everything was perfect…I was there with her…on a weekend…on the Sunday morning. I took her out to a movie…which I promised her that I’ll watch only with her. We had a great lunch at our favourite ‘Sukh Sagar’ in Bangalore. We always placed the same order…as somehow we worked that it was the best combination that the restaurant offered. It was my most loved thing…to take her out to eat. As most of the girls today hardly eat…I took it as a duty…as my responsibility…that every time we will be together…she would eat nicely…at least to my satisfaction. After the meal…we sauntered here and there…from malls…to lake, from Majestic to Marathalli. Some stray clouds lost their way and ended up in Bangalore…making the evening a pleasant one. On my sister’s request we landed up at her place. She took it on herself to prepare the dinner for both of us. It was an awesome feast.

It was around 2 am that we decided to take a nap…and my sister gave a mat to Suhan and me as it was a small rented place that she lived in with only 2 rooms. It was the first time that in spite of her being there with me…I could not sleep…the whole night. Even if my eyes gave way…the uneasiness in my heart never left me…never allowed me to doze off. I looked at her…she was in a deep sleep…my arm was her pillow that night. The sight was so peaceful and soothing with the dim moon light through the window…embracing her beauty. If you are in love…it’s the best sight…watching your love sleeping right next to you…feeling secure in your arms.

I moved very close to her…so close that I was breathing in her breathe. I slowly started kissing her modestly all over her face…very small and minute ones…so that I don’t wake her up. Then I went to her cheeks…started blinking my eyes…so that my eyelashes were the only thing touching her cheeks. It was one of the most awe-inspiring feelings…it brought a little smile to her face…she knew that only I did this to her…to make her feel better…to make her feel wonderful…to make her feel loved ( for everyone out there in love…do try this…it’s my unique way to say…I love u). For a moment I even forgot the anonymous uneasiness that was disquieting me.

The weekend got over and it was Monday, August 3rd 2009 and it was time for me to leave for Mysore from Bangalore. I had to catch the early bus to Mysore otherwise I would have been late for that day’s work. I was busy tying the laces in a hurry…when…suddenly…I realized…droplets on my shoe. To my surprise…it was nothing else but my own tears. I could not believe myself…there was a smile on my face and tears in my eyes at the same time. She was standing across the room by the window. I looked at her through my tears…but to my shock…this time…for the very first time…she didn’t care to wipe them off. Everything that was circulating in my mind and body…from the night…started converging towards a centre…finally. I began to realize…began to understand…that this was all God’s plan…He was trying to make me understand throughout the night…that the one whom I am watching in a peaceful sleep…was about to snatch away my PEACE forever.

My heart began to sink…I gathered all what was left in me and walked towards her. She shattered me by saying, “Shammi…I am moving to Pune…and I guess this is the last time that we are meeting”. Every cell in my body cried out…every spore screamed… ‘why Suhan why!!!’. What did I do to deserve this? If loving and caring for someone insanely was a crime…then I was a criminal. I always told her, “the day you find someone better than me…you can go ahead and leave me”. I don’t know whether she found someone else or not…but yeah she did leave me. From that very day onwards…I m leading a fake life…to the extent…that today I don’t recognize which one of my emotion is real or fake. Every time I confront with the wind…a burning sensation lights me up…as if someone has put me on fire. There are days…when I sit n think n become silent…to the point that I want my head to blast into pieces. I feel as if I am beginning to lose myself and will end up in a mental asylum one day. And then there are those nights…on which…my wet pillow quietly informs me that I washed away the whole night with my tears. There are moments when I feel like…I should go to her and slap her for what she made of me and my life…but the very next moment I realize that I am in so much love with that soul that I even can’t imagine shouting at her. Without you…even the oxygen begins to suffocate me. Everything that is a PAIN today…was the only reason for my HAPPINESS once.

Someday I’ll go out in the open… ask the vultures…to come…and bite me…eat my flesh…bite by bite…instigate pain…just to get rid of THAT pain. One of my friends asked, “Is she still with you”…to which I always reply…yeah still with me…in me…as my soul. People say move on…forget her…to which I have one reply…I have moved on..it’s just that I can’t forget the only reason for my existence. It’s more like…whatever you say…the frequencies or the words always remain in the atmosphere…My love for her is more like that…It will remain…FOREVER. If ever I try to forget her…I find it difficult to LIVE…to BREATHE.

Every day I get up…the first thing I do…is to remember you. Every day when I go to bed…I think of you. Every time I eat…my first bite is for you. Every time I worship…I pray for you. Every time I read…I read your lines. Every time I hear…I want to hear you voice. Every time I smell…I want it to be your fragrance. Every time I close my eyes…I see you. Every time I see myself… I think I am alive…just for you. And if that’s not enough…every time I breathe…I just breathe for you…

Please relieve me of this pain and if not…then free me of this human life.

It’s now that when I want to take my heart back…I realize that it’s dissolved in you.

Chalo then nikalata hu….time to go out in the wind and see how much it burns today…

No GOODBYES today…It’s a SAD PAINFUL END…but still…

For all those who are in PAIN,

For all those who love someone like insane,

For all those who can’t let go,

For all those who will Love them FOREVER,


For all those who will die with their LOVE…

It’s not a GOODBYE…

But it’s a GOOD BYE…aur han no questions please…





I offered her water because to my surprise it was more than 6 hours that she last had it. We (Paplu, She and me) were traveling from Ghaziabad to Lucknow in Gomti Express. Kanpur arrived… Paplu left …aur meri Fattee. I was left high and dry with the daunting task of taking her to my place and from there helping her to reach Varanasi (her home). I was beginning to feel numb and was getting deprived of any new thoughts. So I again offered her water…which saw the same fate as my last attempt. I couldn’t resist the temptation…and asked her… why was she avoiding any fluids and that too for so long? Initially she avoided by looking outside the window of the coach but I persisted. She finally replied, “Haven’t you seen ads on TV?” I know you didn’t get this one…actually I; on the first place was left clueless, what was she talking about?

She sensed it… and decrypted it by saying,” Haven’t you seen ads on TV related ‘only’ to girls?” Now here was my clue… and this time it didn’t take me so much time to understand that this was ‘that time of the month’ for her. “I am without any protection”, she exclaimed. I was left dumbstruck… since we were just acquaintances from college…not even friends… and for the first time in my life…a girl was conversing with me on such an intimate subject. I did not utter a single word till we reached Lucknow. She requested,” we will get down once everyone in the coach has left. I tried to guess her mental state and hence complied with what she said. She took the big bag by herself and asked me to walk just behind her and……not to look ‘there’.

We reached home around 1 30 am and to my surprise…my father and sister were still awake. I signaled 😉 to my sister to behave as if it was my custom to bring girls to my place at this time of the night. I could sense my father’s emotions and sentiments…but really appreciate the way they welcomed her. After dinner everyone went off to sleep… at least everyone pretended to.

The next morning my father left early for office, she was still fast asleep. At 11:00 am my sister’s friend came over…by this time Ma’am was awake and had had her breakfast. I was sitting in the TV room…fiddling with the remote…preoccupied with thoughts of yesterday’s events…what would be going through my father’s mind…what my sister would be thinking of me n all. Right then…Ms ‘unprotected’ came to the room and sat on the other side of the bed. Because of what happened a day ago…I could say that we were now friends. Suddenly, she crawls across the bed…sits right next…close to me… too close for comfort. Out of the blue she questioned,” Manas!! What is the difference between a Kiss and a Smooch?” (You should have seen my expression 😀 :D)

A guy with no prior experience of ‘any’ kind with a girl was asked such a question. Expressionless…I stammered, “Have you seen the movie Black? What Amitabh does to Rani was a smooch and the rests are classified as kisses.” Ma’am was far from satisfied. She leant forward…kept her head on the pillow in my lap…facing me…whispered, “Karke batao”. I simply FROZZZZZZE. Failing to come up with the next move, I got up and left the room…and the house.

I returned in an hour or so and straightway went to the computer room on the first floor. Ma’am came to the room, accompanied by my sister. As soon as I saw her, I said, “The bus to Varanasi leaves in 2 hours…please be ready”. My sister left and went to the kitchen. ‘The Ghost of kissing’ came back to life once again. More desperate this time, she kept on insisting…I lost my temper…slapped her right across her face (not joking). She started weeping uncontrollably. I was in a muddled situation…with my sister downstairs…a girl weeping in my room…what will my sister make of this scene…I was beginning to fear the worse…and that is when I decided to give in.

I was getting ready for my ‘SEMI CONSENSUAL RAPE’ (I coined this term especially for this) … moving backwards…finding no more space to go…stood upright against the wall…closed my eyes…tight…and muttered, “Ek karlo…Jaldi se”. She came within an inch of me…so close that I was able to feel her breathe…my eyes still closed…she took my face in her hands…and slowly planted a kiss on my lips…before sliding her tongue. I instantly came back to my senses…eyes wide open…pushed her back. There was no stopping her…Ms ‘Puchhi’ was far from over; she pushed me to the bed…pounced on me…tasting and salivating…my lips…tongue…ears…and face…as if I was a piece of ‘Black Forest’. I was beginning to realize that it actually was not bad…a sexy, sultry gal was busy licking me (my face 😉 ) and I was feeling guilty … feeling sorry for no reason.

The time was right for her to put the final nail in the coffin. For a brief…we parted…she didn’t take a second and dropped the hydrogen bomb… I love… … Mr. A. I, on the other hand who was still gasping for breathe, being so naïve in those days, couldn’t understand what all was happening. The covetousness in her was yet not satisfied and before I could have got hold of the situation…she resumed to her wild and passionate ways. Realizing that we won’t be able to be like this in college, she said, “Let me make it up for you for the coming four years…we will complete a century”. Returning back to the business…she started kissing…and I was counting 😉 and we kissed A HUNDRED TIMES.

We boarded the bus from Lucknow bus station to Varanasi. In a way it became my obligation to drop her safely to her home…the one who gave me my FIRST KISS. She even went on to saying that, “Mere Solah Somwar ke vrat Tumhare nam”…and being the chu*** that I was…I actually believed her. Once the college re-opened she simply ignored me….never ever spoke to me…except for the time when she came to tell me that we don’t have a future. Within three days…I went from being accepted…to being loved and kissed by someone…just to be left SHATTERED.

For all those who have been kissed,

For all those who have kissed,

For all those who were betrayed,

For all those who were left shattered


For all those who were kissed a hundred times…

It’s not a GOODBYE…

But it’s a GOOD BYE…aur han a few years later she did apologize to me for my semi consensual rape.



The SHORTEST story of my life…

The SHORTEST story of my life…

Bzzzzzzzzz…bzzzzzzzzzz… the phone rattled on the side table… bbzzzzzzz… bbbzzzzz. From the corner of my eye I checked the time. It was still 2 am. I turned my face the other way and again went back into my dream. The vibration never stopped. Irritated, I got up and checked who the devil was….who was not letting me enjoy my dream. ‘Ghonchu’ calling was flashing on the screen. The name itself was more than enough to make all the irritation and anger evaporate.

She was breathing heavily, and even before she could utter a word I was able to make out that she had been weeping for a long time. I was taken aback because of her shrieking and cracking voice. I knew something was terribly wrong and immediately sprang to my feet. I made all efforts to calm her down but to no avail. I knew her habit of never listening to me and so I went ahead and asked,” why are you crying… what happened!!!!”? There are surprise gifts as well as emergencies but her reply was neither of the two. In fact she never gave a reply…instead she came up with a question of her own, to which I don’t have an answer even to this date. Will you marry me??? … was her SIMPLE question and if this was not enough she gave me only an hour to come up with my reply, which would have been my biggest decision, answer or whatever you may call it, till now.

I immediately disconnected the phone and washed my face. I was in no position to believe that everything that was happening was happening for real. One of your bestest (I know it’s wrong English) friend…calling you up at 2 am and asking you to marry her or I should say asking you whether you’ll marry her and not even giving me time to discuss it with my mother and family( in India usually everyone is fast asleep at 2 am). I composed myself and cleared off all the thoughts and called her back. “Sali….kamini… Ye kya majak tha”? (This was our way of greeting each other on NORMAL days … and nights too). She was still weeping and was barely able to speak. She whispered,” Chabu! You heard it right…I just want to know whether you can marry me or not and I want the answer right now because by morning it will be very late”. “I have told my parents that I am in love with a guy and want to spend the rest of my life with him”, she continued. “Papa has ordered me to leave the home immediately or marry according to their wishes and forget you forever”, she added.

With a grin I simply uttered,” Meri jalpari! Tumhe kisi ko batane ka nahi hota hai ki tum usse pyar karti ho aur ussi se shadi karna chahti ho….maa baap ko batane se pehle (I hope now you can make out why I named her ghonchu 🙂 ). I requested her to give me time till 6 am, at least by then mummy would be awake and I’ll be able to have a discussion with her.

I never knew those three hours would be the most difficult three hours of my life because more than me it was someone else’s life which was at stake too. I thought and thought, remembered each and every moment spent with her. Flashbacked every scene….recalling every word I ever said to her. For me her smile is as fresh as the morning dew….she is as bubbly as the newly opened coke….with a heart as soft as a feather and eyes as deep as the ocean….wait a minute….am I comparing her….sorry folks….my mistake. I forgot to mention she is incomparable. Her charm, her sweetness, her caring attitude ….even if I take out a dictionary, there will be fewer adjectives than her virtues. I remembered how she celebrated with me on every success that I had…even the tiniest ones, how she took care of me when I met with an accident and broke my left hand, nose and skull bone….from washing my dirty hands to helping me with my socks’…from writing my assignments to spoon feeding me food…and there won’t be any end to this list.

I never realised when I allowed her to come so close to my already wounded heart. She waited and waited but I could not muster the courage to call her and when I actually did….she already knew the answer. I am sorry ghonchu, is what I can ever say. But I know your pain is unexplainable. I never stood with you, held your hand and said that you are mine but let me assure you one more time… I never backstabbed you; I never wanted to hurt you 😦 .

The irony of my life: “Jisse chaha usne kabhi pyar na kiya, Aur jisne pyar diya usse kabhi chah na saka”.

There are people in your life who are your parents, relatives, brothers, sisters, best friends and so on and then there are those people who are equally important and somehow you find it hard to give a name to the relation or the bond you share and SHE is one of them.

And if there is something as rebirth I’ll surely be yours.

For all those who have been hurt in love,

For all those who know they’ll never get them,

For all those who still love them,

For all those who still hope they will come back,


For all those who have a Ghonchu in their life,

It’s not a goodbye,

But it’s a Good Bye….aur han she wanted this title because she believed she was the shortest story of my life.



THEKE pe THOKA…..Love, Blood and Desire….

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Theke pe Thoka…..Love, blood and desire…

Tip …tip…tip….one by one the tears started rolling down her cheeks…. I rolled across the bed to her…..held her in my arms….brought her real close to me….and slowly …..and slowly…licked her tears. She snuggled right into my chest….like a small kid….and started punching me with her soft hands……’you can’t go ….Jaan…you can’t go’. (I got posted to the dangerous valleys of Drass as emergency was declared in the region following tension with the neighboring country).

‘Pehla nasha pehla khumaar’ was on the radio…..I caressed her hairs….she brought her face close to mine….looking straight into my eyes….and said,” Nonu!! You can’t leave me like this….i become very alone when you are gone….i feel very lonely when you are not around……before I could respond….she planted a full-on kiss on my lips. I checked the clock from the corner of my eye….it was 3:00 am…I still had three hours before I leave. We separated….i saw the naughtiness in her eyes….hence I checked one more thing….and realized, I was worked up for another round of wild, passionate and steamy carnal love or in easier terminology….sex. The wave of emotions never made me realize when the tiny pieces of clothing that were left on us…..came off…..and we melted into each other.

I tied the shoe laces and it was time to take leave. She was still fast asleep. She was glowing with the golden morning sunrays that were falling on her beautiful face. The streaks of hair that were on her forehead made her look like a goddess. Ohhh!!! I was in love…..waise after two rounds of practical of the biology lessons taught in school….everyone feels that he is in LOVE….. :-D. I bent forward….removed the hairs from her forehead….and gently kissed her without breaking her sleep. Bye Mithu…I whispered and left.

Time passed.

She was beginning to feel that the loneliness was eating her up after he was gone. It was about a month ago that they made love on that night…..she remembered finishing her coffee. She was never sure….. Was this love or was this just her physical desires that made her fell for him? She decided its best to concentrate on work till he returns. She was an Airhostess in a leading airline….so most of her time was occupied by traveling to places.

She was traveling to Bangalore and carrying out her usual duties. The light flashed….it was a call from an elderly lady seated on seat 29F. She took a glass of water with her in case the lady needed. On her way she entangled herself in her high heels …… misbalanced….she fell in his (Mr. B) lap with the glass of water. There was a complete silence……” Does this airline serve ANGELS as well??? You should be a terrorist…..you can kill people with your looks ma’am” he said wryly. He was in total awe of her smoking hot beauty….she was 5’10”….with an asset value of Pamela Anderson on the top and her bottom could have given J’Lo a run for her money. The white shirt which hugged her to millimeters of her perfection and the short skirt…..which everyone wanted to be more short….added more value to her luscious seductiveness.

Gaining composure …she rubbed against the musk of his cologne. She was captivated by the raw masculinity he had on offer…..chisel jaw line….stubble…..ray ban…..bulging biceps….He looked as if he was the Prince of Persia. For the rest of the trip she couldn’t resist the temptation of looking at him again n again….every time she found a chance she intentionally brushed against him….she tried to gain control over her but to no success. The flight captain announced their arrival to Bangalore….as he passed her on the exit…”thank you sir …have a happy stay” she said with lust overflowing her eyes. He winked and abruptly blurted ….. ‘Your place or mine’.

The door unlocked…..they entered….without uttering anything they started ripping off….with lips locked….she realized how correct she was on the flight about him….his huge……arms..(khali gandi baat hi socho tum log…). She found it stupid to let go the craving on offer and let herself enjoy and flow in the wave of passion. They did the foreplay….post play….and every kind of play that they could have tried. Both exhausted and spent….she lay on his 44” chest….realizing what she was missing for these days……blushed on the thought that she was yet to ask his NAME.

Knock knock….knock knock…..she wrapped herself in the blanket and opened the door. She felt as if the roof has fallen on her head….each and every single drop of lust vanished….it was Mr. A on the door and Ms X who just had sex….was left stumped. “WOW….what a surprise…” he exclaimed…as she was wearing just a Blanket….noticing a striking resemblance in the atmosphere and in her as well…he entered…..by now she was trembling with the fear that the only piece of clothing they had was that blanket and Mr. B was sleeping without any covering.

Mr. A entered the bedroom to find a nude sleeping beauty…the only problem was that it was a male which didn’t go according to his likings. His eyes turned red with rage….she tried to explain but to no avail. By this time the sleeping beauty was also awake trying to cover him up with whatever possible he can. Mr. A slapped her hard….she fell on the floor….Mr. B ran for her. Mr. A’s anger reached its boiling point….he picked up a vase…and in the fits of fury he hit the back of Mr. B’s head. Blood spurted….and he fell on the bed. The raw masculinity had now turned into a raw DEAD BODY. She screamed….and fainted.

Coming back to senses….she sat holding Mr. A’s hand. She goofed up stories and made him believe that it was all Mr. B’s fault…and she knew how easy it is to make a fool out of someone who is madly in love with you. But it was not that easy….she resorted to her old evil tricks…as she knew that men are weak between their legs. Devilish looks….killer body….a Deadly combination….and it was time for this terrorist to drop another of her bombs. She dropped the blanket….took him to the bed….their ANIMAL INSTICTS took over them…..they made love in that pool of blood….beside his dead body.

This is my first short story…..i hope u all like it…;-)

For all those who are loyal to their partners,

For all those who cheat their partners,

For all those who opt for infidelity,

For all those who love sex,

For all those who have killed people,


For all those who are yet to get that awaited oppurtunity….

Its not a GoodBye…

but its a GOOD BYE…Aur han this is a true story…


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The Absence of her FRAGRANCE

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The absence of her fragrance…..

It was 8 30 pm and I reached home after a good day at the office and about 10 sets of squash. I was exhausted to an inch of my life…was barely able to move … squash took every ounce of energy out of me. As soon as I reached home I straightaway went to the kitchen to check out the dinner, not to my surprise there was nothing there….. haaa… I thought to myself ,”Rohit, happy dining …$%#@@$”… and went to take a shower. After the bath I thought of going out for the dinner as I was too hungry….just then my roommate arrived….he asked me lets get beer and some chicken from the ‘finger lickin’ KFC…. From my stare he could very easily make out that I was not amused with his ideas as I was already starving and he knew that I never drank.

My phone rang….and it was her…. Even before I picked up her call I had a smile on my face…… it was her only call for the past three months….her name flashing on my mobile screen was enough of a reason for me to giggle alone. Hi …… kaisi ho??…. she replied ,”I’m fine how r u….” before I could answer, she went ahead and gave me the news that she has switched jobs…. I was happy for her but somewhat confused too… I inquired what actually she wants to achieve….3rd job in her third year itself and as if this was not enough…. Every time in a different sector… infrastructure engg…then electronics engg followed by software engg…. I was hardly able to find a logic behind this decision, but instead of arguing with her I ended up congratulating her…. CONGRATS on your new job…

For some kind of strange reasons I was happy …. Really happy ….that my girlfriend has got a new job…..did I say ‘My GIRLFRIEND’ …sorry my EX-GF…. Yes it’s true that we broke up about an year and half ago. There is something very cool about this LOOOOVEEE thing that if you have been seriously involved with someone you will feel happy in your love’s happiness and the same was the case with me…. No matter how much pain she gave me when she decided for both of us that it was time for us to end this relationship, which had become a victim of the evaporating love between us, I was still very happy for her……chalo enough of this serious mind talks….

I asked her about many things: new office, new colleagues, new crushes…..for some of which she replied , for some not…..and for some gave me a dicey kind of answer. I don’t know why but to this very day every time I talk to her, I see her pic or I just even think of her….. I have this weird sinking kind of feeling right in the middle of my chest….(as I am feeling now thinking and writing about her….my palms begin to sweat….heeeeeee….ekdum senti kar diya na). On that day too this feeling got the better of me and I could not prevent myself from getting dragged into serious talks. And there it goes….. Mr. RONDU…..why did you leave me….why this why that…..come back to me and blah blah….

I went outside to the terrace so that my roommate could not overhear what all I was speaking to her…..as it would have left me in a very awkward position…….of course I had not yet disclosed to him of the fact that we have parted ways…..in fact this fact was buried right at the bottom of my heart….as I didn’t disclose it to anyone….i just didn’t … I guess was afraid of the questions that came with each n every breakup….who initiated…..why not give a second chance….some console…some pity….and some even are happy behind your back that you are now par with them at their level of singleness. I feel its better to have a fake pretentious smile on your face rather than battling those questions everyday. These faking habits of mine have made me realize that,” Every smiling face is not always smiling”.

Suddenly out of nowhere I asked her, to what I consider one of my biggest mistakes to this date, “Are you SATISFIED with your decision??” I was praying to God,” Please God please make her say NO….” par bhagwan ne kaunsi aaj tak meri koi baat suni hai jo aaj sunta……and she replied….YESSSSSSS. In these 25 years of my life this was the ‘yes’ which hit me the hardest and to an extent broke me. Within no time I realized my vision blurring and moistness filled my eyes. For me at that very moment, the sweetest thing in the world would have even tasted bitter in comparison to that YES. I tried very hard to locate that red button on the phone and the very second I found it ….. I disconnected the call.

I too had dreams…..dreams of marrying her…..dreams of me spending the rest of my life with her…..dreams of having a kid with her eyes on him. DREAMS….. DREAMS…. DREAMS….. I guess they are called so because they are actually so distant from the fact….reality. I had made this beautiful mansion in my dreams in which each n every brick that was laid was handpicked by me…..even the tiniest of things was drenched in my LOVE FOR HER….. some times when I spoke to myself I only thought of things like: when I’ll return from office, there will be she standing right in front of me,  waiting for me….with the same amount of love in her eyes that I carry for her in every cell….in every nucleus of mine. That would have been the most relaxing of all the things. On any Sunday, we both sitting in our home theatre and enjoying a beautiful romantic movie….with every romantic scene passing, us …..getting closer n closer…..to the extent that who cares what was on the screen. Sleeping right next to her……lying down there in her presence …..in HER FRAGRANCE, just holding her tight in my arms.

I guess what I miss most of her is not her…….not her smile …..not her eyes…..not her sweet voice …. BUT HER FRAGRANCE. Her fragrance was what made me feel alive and the ABSENCE OF HER FRAGRANCE makes it the other way round.

For all those who have been in love,

For all those who are in love,

For all those who will marry their love,

For all those who miss some one in their life,

For all those who have that someone in their life,


For all those who simply love to love…..

Its not a GOODBYE

but it’s a GOOD BYE……..aur han all the characters above are imaginary….;-)