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An Era of Smart Lives

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A century ago if somebody would have said that there would be huge iron birds flying over our skies and would be used as a mode of transport, I am sure he or she would have been stoned to death on the premise of going insane. But today that is a reality.

Technology is something that helps us dream, create and achieve what most of the people can’t even imagine. With the use of more and more artificial intelligence and the concept of ‘Internet of Things’, we are currently living in a ‘Smart’ world.

From devices to gadgets, phones to watches the advancements in technology haven’t spared anything and left its footprints everywhere. In fact these days, every year a smart product gets launched and takes the whole technological world by storm before slowly percolating into our daily lives.

Smart Wearable Watch – Source Flipkart

Last year it was the year of air purifiers, the year before that was of smartwatches, the year before that was of Smart Wearable health gadgets and the list goes on and on. With ‘internet of things’ gaining momentum the Smart Home with Smart Lights, Smart Electronic Devices, Smart Home Security with Smart Camera is also gathering pace.

Even the traditional legacy systems based realtors are very much aware of these trends and they are incorporating these smart features from the very beginning of the designing and construction phase.

I believe that people born in the late 80s like me should be called the transition generation. We witnessed both the extremes and acted as a bridge between both the generations. I have spent days where basic electricity was treated like a luxury living through 16-hour power cuts in a day. I clearly remember for years finishing my school homework in candlelight, in fact, we were so blessed that we had the privilege of having candlelight dinners on a daily basis. And all this was happening when we were living in cities imagine the plight of rural India.

Smart Home with Google Home – Source Flipkart

My first desktop had only 32 MB of RAM and 10 GB of ROM. Yeah, you read it right. Today my smartphone has more RAM than ROM of my first computer. That’s the real leap technology has taken. In fact, there is a stat, which suggests that technology becomes obsolete every 18 months and with continuous innovation of smart devices I believe this timeframe is getting even shorter year by year.

Remember the day, when the first mobile phone was of brick-sized, black in color with a long antenna attached to it and we had to shell out loads even for incoming calls. The current generation can’t even relate to those days whereas we have closely witnessed the real change that technology and smart devices have gone through.

After my father passed away and my sister and me staying away it was getting really difficult for us to keep an eye on the safety of mom and home. Today with Smart Home Security Devices it has brought us some deserved peace of mind. All it needs is an Internet connection and an application on my smartphone and I can keep a watch over the complete house while being anywhere in the world.

Smart Home Security Camera – Source Flipkart

People are becoming health conscious and these Smart Gadgets are surely helping in keeping a track of your daily activity. You can monitor your heart rate, BMI, numbers of steps walked, kilometers did and what not. Products like electronic cigarettes have their share of nicotine but are comparatively less harmful than the regular ones.

The flurry of smart devices and gadgets is coupling nicely with the modern urban frantic lifestyle. I recently saw a product for new parents known as ‘Baby monitor’. You can use it remotely listen to sounds made by an infant. Such products are really a blessing for working mothers and parents who have separate rooms for them.

The lines are constantly getting blurred among different categories of products with modification, minification, magnification, and innovation. One doesn’t need a separate phone, camera, and computer – all of these are clubbed in one smartphone with a million other features, which in all honesty we don’t even use.

There are a lot of areas that need attention and I am sure that slowly they will also be under the ‘Smart’ umbrella. Moving ahead a lot of focus should be on products for Smart Medical Devices, products for woman safety and education.

Smart Lights with Smart Home – Source Flipkart

Being a writer and a pet lover I wish there would be more products, which can assist us in writing and creating quality content. What a boon it would be if I could get to know what my dog is thinking or what it wants.

The future looks really bright and promising for the ‘Smart’ technologies but it has its ploys too. The mix should be perfectly balanced. A product should not be pushed down our throats just because they have invented it and it is smart in nature. Sometimes I feel that humans are getting dumber while the devices are getting smarter. Just Kidding. The basic premise that it is catering to some actual need and providing a solution to a real-world problem and in the process easing our lives should always remain of utmost importance and priority.

With 5G on our doorways along with artificial intelligence guiding our way into future and its perfect marriage to ‘Internet of Things’, we are embarking on a journey from Smart Devices to An Era of Smart Living.

#GetFitWithFlipkart and #SmartHomeRevolution

Smart Glasses – Source Flipkart

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Manas ‘Sameer’ Mukul

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ASUS ZenFestival – Celebrate the ZEN in you

ASUS ZenFestival – Celebrate the ZEN in you

Asus Zenfestival

Asus Zenfestival

It is monsoon time in New Delhi, but it was raining smart ‘ZEN’ Phones from Asus on 6th August, 2015 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. There was glitz…glamour…celebrities…Bollywood’s Selfie Queen, Sonakshi Sinha, and hundreds of tech geeks at the ASUS ZenFestival. Yes you heard it right it was not an event it was a FESTIVAL. It was simply not an event about phone launches…there was much more to it…from graffiti wall to tattoo counter…from demo sections to celebrity look-a-likes where people could pose with them…from snacks counters to autograph walls…there was everything one could just imagine at such a Festival.

A girl getting a tattoo

A girl getting a tattoo

Colourful Glowing Drum

Colourful Glowing Drum

The festival was hosted by the talented Cyrus Sahukar who was at this spontaneous best whether on stage or interacting with the tech freaks present in the audience. Moving on, the crowd was mesmerized by an awesome and colorful flying drums performance followed by a gymnastic performance by a couple of foreigners.

Asus chairman, Mr. Jonney Shih, then took over the stage as he was going to make announcement for the launches of not one…not two…but six smart devices; four in the smart phone category and two in the tablet category. He thanked India for the awesome response that the Zenfone2 was getting after their recent launches in April. He unveiled ‘the Incredibles’Zenfone2 Laser, Zenfone2 Deluxe and ASUS ZenPad7.0 and ASUS ZenPad8.0. These all will be available in India exclusively on Flipkart from August 2015. He also showcased for the first time to the whole world Zenfone Max which is a battery powerhouse with 5000 mah of capacity which is launching in October 2015.

Awesome Flashing Flying Drums

Awesome Flashing Flying Drums

Sonakshi with Zenfone Selfie

Sonakshi with Zenfone Selfie

He then invited our very own Bollywood’s Selfie Queen, Sonakshi Sinha, to come up and launch a very apt product for all the Selfie crazies out there. She was looking stunning in a bodycon slit black and maroon maxi dress. The top of the dress was stripes which was nicely wrapped around her body. She deservedly is the first owner of the Zenfone Selfie which has an amazing 13 MP front camera which is a perfect for all Selfie lovers.

13MP Front Cam Selfie Price

13MP Front Cam Selfie Price

There is nothing better than proving your worth about product’s reliability and credibility in front of an audience. Asus CEO, Jerry Shen, along with fellow colleagues demonstrated some of the most amazing capabilities of the different Zenfones. They even took on the might of iPhone6 demonstration after demonstration and I must say here, it looked really convincing considering the segment and pricing differences of both the offerings. ASUS also unveiled their mascot based on Zen Series itself – ZENNY.

The Incredibles for India

The Incredibles for India

According to me this time Asus has got it right with a lot more compelling products which are catering to specific needs of the consumers. Even the pricing seems to be spot on from Asus which will even make the competition take notice and the consumers smiles. Lastly I can only say one thing; there are smart phones launches…there are tech events…and then there is ZenFestival…there is nothing better than this especially in India in this space.

The Zenfone Family

The Zenfone Family

You can also PRE-ORDER your ZenFones HERE.

Manas ‘Sameer’ Mukul